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Connecting professionals from South Africa with employers in Europe.

We unlock opportunities for talented people to work in Europe. We open the doors for them to achieve higher earnings and international work experience. Our teams in Johannesburg and Europe work together to offer orientation and coaching support, enabling a smoother transition into new roles abroad.
South Africans present a great opportunity to European employers. With a stellar education, fluent English proficiency, and the unique advantage of Afrikaans bridging linguistic gaps, they seamlessly integrate into English/Flemish/Dutch environments.
The Multiplex Partners team operates not only to fill vacancies; we stay with the person and the process, adding to the support employers offer to people relocating their careers and lives.

Top Jobs Available Now


Engineering Sketch
Taking Notes

Technical Engineer

Senior Account Manager

Big 4 Firm
Large (R1.2 billion/ year) wholesale supply company
Corporate Services Firm

Destination Countries

Our main destination countries are currently Malta and Belgium.
Marsaxlokk Malta
Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Jobs available now

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page to see posts for latest European job opportunities.
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