career science


Most school leavers are poorly prepared for the challenges of finding aspirational work. 


Career choice-making is a lifelong skill but it's often done badly; especially in resource-thin contexts.


Various trends are reshaping the very concept of career.


Workers of the future would benefit from learning to manage their careers more strategically... 


Yet the challenge of doing this without support or training is massive.

huuami conducts research and drives projects to improve the situation for career choice-makers

Career choice-makers lack information and have heightened career anxiety.


Learning to trust one's own career desires plays a critical role in the successful transition from adolescence to young adulthood.


Increased decision-making confidence resulting from  career counselling is beneficial for the career development of resource-poor people.


Peoples' ability to see opportunity is the decisive factor in their decision to pursue entrepreneurial careers


Locus control offers an opportunity to recognise aspiring entrepreneurs.​​

Career counseling is only effective in the short-term,  

People under a great deal of work stress become dissatisfied with their career choices.

When dissatisfaction is coupled with burnout, people may be tempted to change profession.

There is a positive correlation between career choice satisfaction and a sense of community

A mission of vocational psychology is to increase understanding of career choice 

Students choose school subjects because of peer influence rather than personal choice-making21

We work to improve the lives and experience of career choice-makers through the creation of new insight and the implementation of high impact projects