Structuring jobs lies at the heart of getting work done well.



This website, your car, a piece of software you're working on - they're all designed for elegance and function.  Every job in your organisation should be designed so that the structure of the work makes sure value is added and to make sure the people doing the job can derive satisfaction from it.   

Job Profiling

The Multiplex approach to position profiling is a best practice. 


Over years we've developed the underlying methodology and a supportive reference library of thousands of profiles.  Profiling a role?  Use us to add insight into additional job elements you should be considering 

Competency Libraries

The partners and associates at Multiplex have delivered many large and small scale bespoke competency libraries over the years. 


Once you know how your company is unique at the level of job structure and competency, you are able to recruit, select, on-board, develop, performance-manage and plan new projects more effectively.

Competency management provides a systematic, high-impact way to turn HR practice into a core business enhancing activity.

Levels of Work Complexity

Many competencies exist simultaneously in your company's simpler, more structured jobs and in the highest level, most abstract ones.  Your CFO might need to be a well developed Problem Solver, but so must the parking manager who has to find 50 parking bays for a presentation starting at 16h30 this afternoon.

The difference between the roles is not about different competencies.  It's about how those competencies play out at the different levels of work complexity.

Multiplex leads the way in enacting complexity and knowing how it helps organisations make fundamentally better selection, development and performance choices.

How We Can Help

Competencies make a profound difference - here's how:

JOB PROFILING: We will profile individual roles and deliver you a clear management document enabling Selection etc

INTERVIEW GUIDES:  Based on a job profile we can create interview guides for you.

DEVELOPMENT GUIDES:  We sell development guides to help you enhance the development of individuals 

COMPETENCY LIBRARIES:  When we profile all of the job families in your organisation we can develop a comprehensive library for you - one that saves cost and sharpens your focus on key events like selection or performance management.

TALENT AUDIT:  An assessment of the extent to which staff and leaders fit the competency requirements of their roles and the competencies core to the culture of the organisation

Competency infrastructure takes the guesswork out of HR.  It adds value - predictably us to book a conversation...

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