Multiplex Team Profile
Executive Coaching
Coaching activates the client's power to navigate difficult passages and to learn for the future 


Coaching is potentially the most significant personal development step you'll ever take.  The experience of working with a Multiplex coach, skilled, encouraging and change-focused is a rare one. 


The best way to understand its value is to try it and so we offer a no-cost try-it-out coaching session for people seriously ready to work with us.

Success Stories

Multiplex Coaching supports leaders in a world dominated by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  For 17 years our coaches have changed the lives of hundreds of leaders.


Some of the coaching questions we’ve encountered include:

  • “I’m in a new role, what can I do to be effective?”


  • “I’ve been encouraged to apply for a senior role at a higher level - what does this mean for me?”


  • “I’m feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed or confused and I need help me get out of the swamp I’m in.”


  • “I know I could succeed at a more senior level, but I'm not being seen.”


  • “I’ve always been an achiever, but I’m not getting the results I used to get.  What's happened?”


  • “I know I’m good, with a lot to give, but I feel I’m hiding.  I want to shine.”​


  • “I’ve been earmarked for a promotion, but told I need to develop specific competencies.”



And More

  • “I have the technical skills, but I lack the people skills for leadership.”


  • “I want to apply for a new role, but I don’t feel I’m quite ready.”​

  • “I have great ideas, but I battle to sell them up-the-line.”​


  • “My company wants me to apply for a new role, but I’m not sure if it’s what I want.”


  • “I love my job, but hate the politics; now what?”.”


  • “How do I lead better?”​

  • “I’m good at my job, but I want to do work that is more meaningful for me”.


  • “I’ve been put on poor performance.  Help!”


  • “I’m not coping with the demands of my job or my life.  I feel burnt out and overwhelmed.”

  • "I want to be more entrepreneurial within my current job role"

The Multiplex Approach

As our client you'll probably not notice the science underlying what we do. 


Coaching works because it activates people; the difference between wanting to do something and actually getting it done is massive and our unique activation approach gets results.

The fundamental aim of a Multiplex coach is to help you improve your thinking around an issue and we do this with impact and predictability