Multiplex Team Profile

Every team can do better.  High performance is spoken of as if it's a lasting team reality but we know it's not.  Today's winning team will one day lose focus and then take ages to re-emerge.  The same happens in business and non-business organisations. 


The MXT helps you firstly insure against team-collapse and if a team is already not working well, it supports re-emergence by providing clear insight and guidance about what needs to change and how to do it.

The MXT is a validated approach to team diagnostic and feedback.  It analyses each individual's self-perception and combines it with a view taken from other team mates.  

In addition to providing a reading of the person's style it also indicates their VTOT - how they impact the team's functioning through effort and engagement.

Combined, the feedback from the MXT provides a powerful source of evidence, it gives unique insight and also echoes insights from other tools like the enneagram, Jung's types, thinking styles (de Bono) and preferences (Belbin).

The MTP Process

Process Setup

Contact us at and we'll set up the assessment to kickstart the MXT 

Client or Candidate Engagement

Each team member is informed of the process and receives a link to complete the MXT assessment online

Report Compiliation

Individual reports and team overall reports are created.

These reports are easy to read and work with if you want to do the debriefing yourselves.

We are ready to support you if you want a more in depth team activation process.


MXT can be used as once-off approach to increase team effectiveness and to analyse development opportunities.

Or it can be used strategically to support the organisation's growth and development 


3 core behavioural dimensions

MXT 12 Styles March 2020.png

Behaviorally, not psychologically based

  • Unique core array of dimensions

  • The behavioural approach direct reflects how "this" team functions here and now.  

  • It is based on an understanding of how each person responds in "this" team

Direct and indirect team insights

The MXT shows top behavioural choices and importantly, it shows the choices not being made either by individuals or the team as a whole. 


MTP maps the contribution of each player to the team

The VTOT score provides insight into the priorities each person makes in terms of the team.  It measures elements like drive, team-drive and drive to collaborate.



The MXT is available for use right now and during this Beta-phase we are able to offer it at Zero Charge (for the test)

Once the Beta phase is complete the MXT retails at around €25 or R425 excl VAT) (per assessment with a sliding scale upwards for small purchases)

Consulting and team development depends on what the needs are and we'll propose on a case-by-case basis.

Plexiscan pricing structure