An analytical, competency-based interview and psychometric assessment, geared to be at the heart of your talent decision-making. 


There are two main applications for Plexiscan.

First:  Use Plexiscan to evaluate how effectively candidates will fit your team and specific job.

Second:  Use Plexiscan to map the leadership, personal, relational and complexity profile of a teamand then to catalyse coaching or training with activation feedback.

The Plexiscan Process

Process Setup

We'll consult to understand the role (if it's a selection question) or the context if it's a developmental opportunity

We contract turnaround times, competency frameworks, feedback etc.

Client or Candidate Engagement

The Plexiscan team contacts the candidate, makes time for the interview and sends the assessment link to the psychometrics.

All Plexiscan interviews are conducted online so as to increase quality (all interviews are done by members of the Plexiscan hub team), flexibility for the candidate and speed of completion.  Online interviews also offer a clear way to reduce bias-effects.

Report Compilation

Data from the deep-dive interviews and the psychometric is integrated into a comprehensive tailored report

We provide a report and  feedback to the contracting company and we ensure the client fully understands the Plexiscan report and guidelines

Every candidate is invited to receive development feedback regardless of whether a selection process was successful or not.  Once face-to-face feedback is provided, the candidate receives a written development report.


Plexiscan can be used as once-off tool to increase selection accuracy or to analyse development opportunities.

Or it can be used strategically to support the organisation's growth and development 

Our engagement is to provide a strategic partnership in which the intelligence provided by each Plexiscan assessment contributes to effectiveness. 


Competency Based

  • Behavioural, competency based.

  • In-built best-practice competency library

  • Measures additional role-critical competencies 

Content Elements

  • Analyses the person's team role fit using the MXT

  • Provides a clear cognitive ability indicator 

  • Maps thinking styles

  • Shows culture-fit potential

  • Shows the candidate's "Safe Hands Quotient"

  • Shows the candidate's SST level of work complexity

Report Outcomes

  • Development reports come complete with tailored development guides 

  • Selection reports come with competency-linked recommendations about job-fit

  • Plexiscan refers to inherent job requirements with no vague psychological assumptions

Proactive Feedback

  • Provides a clear, detailed and highly workable report for the client company

  • Includes one on one feedback for the candidate once the selection process has been concluded or during the development process