We lead profound team developments taking teams through diagnosis and awareness to learning re-contracting and then developing new team-habits.  Instead of using artificial events we focus on how the team works together in handling a real, big picture challenge.

As part of the process we'll define a team innovation that can become central to its effectiveness.  Working it through provides the team an opportunity to see itself in action and to learn how it can be better.  

The choice of the challenge is critical, facilitating the team around both the challenge and its own opportunities or improvement is at the heart of our facilitators' value.

Multiplex's four aspects of team effectiveness

Personal Dynamics

Occasionally what's going on with a member of the team becomes a central obstacle to the development and functioning of the team.

Plexiscan and coaching offer meaningful ways of dealing with this type of challenge.  It doesn't help to deal in a group with this; firstly, it's time to work kindly and with focus on the person.

Relational Dynamics

When people speak about team-building this is the level they automatically think of.  For us at Multiplex, interaction is important as a manifestation of all of the other aspects. 


Diagnostics focus on understanding the fullness of the relational dynamics.  The team development process enhances good habits at this level and beyond. 


One of the more obscure aspects of effective team development is to acknolwedge and work with the fact that teams exist, succeed or fail in context.  Every team needs to develop awareness about how it is considered and trusted.  


There are structures inside the team that enable and disable it.  Reporting lines, job accountabilities, distance, tools like software, budgets and more.  A strong team development process with Multiplex takes in all of these factors and brings them into focus and into awareness.

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