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Assessing, developing and optimising talent. 


This is our core business

support coaching for remote teams

Covid-19 has brought an opportunity for teams to work differently.  For most of us, we're now working daily with colleagues across cities, provinces and countries and we're all doing it the best way we can.

Remote team leadership is different from leading people who are in daily physical contact.  There are new skills and opportunities, new ways of making the experience good, and new challenges.

At Multiplex we're supporting leaders and their teams with group coaching conversations that focus on: making the mandate clear; getting people to talk about team effectiveness; helping team members know how they can support each other more; remaining in-focus and on top of the situation

Leadership Development

Our group-coaching approach builds leader-team impact and ability.  We combine content and group learning, with an activation focus 

Graduate Talent Assessment

Development centres tell graduates that the employer invests in individual talent and that it shows a real commitment to people development.


Multiplex Team Profile

MTP profiles bring new language and insight to your team. 


Strengths?  Blind-spots?  Who's driving and who's hanging back? 


Most importantly, the MTP shows how to shift and develop your team; its clear guidelines underpin growth 

Graduate talent assessment

Graduate selection is a balancing act.  Top candidates are actively recruited by a variety of high quality employers and to win, your business has to stand out with a high-quality offering.  On the other side of the balance is your need to know who will fit your culture and work ethic.  Multiplex's process is challenging and engaging, graduates enjoy the intensity and the way they learn through throughout the experience.

Precise executive assessment  

This high impact executive assessment solution combines psychometrics with a thorough interview and a competency-based analytical approach.  It cuts to the core questions: “can this person do the job?”  and “what stands in the way of their being fully able to succeed?”  

The Plexiscan range provides assessment solutions for recruitment (Plexiscan Select) and for targeted individual or team-based development (Plexiscan Develop)

Job profiling and competency design work

Our approach to job profiling is unique - our experience makes us you best partner for building accountability frameworks and restructuring teams effectively 


Multiplex takes the problem of job profile creation away through its expertise with large and small scale profiling projects.  Multiplex without doubt is the market leader in developing high impact profiles across businesses - whatever the field